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TONY CROSS - feature film

Action - in the vein of
“The Transporter , John Wick”.

Posing as a parish priest to hide his real identity, mafia hit man Tony Cross thinks he's found the perfect cover.  When a crisis of faith forces him to reconsider his life as an assassin, Cross incurs the wrath of powerful Mafia boss, Joe Torino. While attempting to "silence" Cross the mob accidentally murders an innocent altar boy. This sets into motion a deadly game of

cat-and-mouse and puts a vengeful Cross on a collision course with the most dangerous men in the criminal underworld.

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*readers recommended


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BUDGET: small / medium

SEQUEL potential

TONY CROSS is an action-packed, high octane thriller guaranteed to keep you guessing till the last bullet casing hits the ground.

Expert Mafia hit man Tony Cross has been masquerading as a priest for five years. Following a botched "hit" in which a parish priest is accidentally killed, Tony assumes the dead man's position at the church as a perfect cover for his underworld connections. As he goes about the priestly responsibilities of hearing confessions, baptizing babies and burying the dead, Tony begins to question his life's purpose. He has begun to care deeply about the people of his church and is taking his role as priest very seriously.

When he tells his boss, local Mafia kingpin Joe Torino that he wants out of the "business" Torino warns him that trying to leave the mob can be a "deadly" mistake. Tony is firm in his decision, despite Torino's ominous warning. Torino tells him he'll have to talk Tony's decision over with his "associates."

During a strategic "sit down" with his brother Salvatore and the other Mafia bosses, Torino tells them of Tony's desire to leave the mob. "Doesn't he know we never let guys like him retire?" quips one of the dons. The five Mafia bosses decide to kill Tony because in the criminal underworld "dead men tell no tales."

After Julio, a sixteen-year-old altar boy at Tony's church is accidentally killed when the mob plants a bomb in Tony's car, Tony sets out on violent personal vendetta to take out the five men responsible for Julio's death. One by one the Mafia bosses meet a violent end at the hands of "The Priest."

The film's exciting climax comes during the funeral of Torino's brother Salvatore after he's killed by The Priest. single hand-deadly, The Priest dispenses his own brand of divine retribution against an army of Mafia hit men and bodyguards hired to kill him.

Finally, The Priest and Torino are the last men standing amid the carnage. In a showdown reminiscent of two Old West gunslingers, a badly-wounded Tony sends Joe Torino to join his brother...literally.

In the end Tony comes to terms with his own true nature. "I've always been an assassin and always will be. But," he realizes, "God's mercy is infinite." The film closes with Tony "The Priest" driving off to find his own redemption.

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