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ACTION LAB is a script coverage service that focus on the the genre of Action. Unlike other coverage services, Action Lab’s approach comes with a marketing philosophy, aiming to discover quality screenplays based on a “score” system and making the material that achieved “highest score” available to producers.


Action Lab works in tandem with Action Studio Entertainment. This opens an opportunity for a two step process:

1 - Script Coverage Service.  The coverage service is rendered for a fee.  The scripts submitted should be in the genre of ACTION - ACTION SCIFI - ACTION FANTASY - THRILLER - HORROR.

Your screenplay will receive a package of six coverage reports. Each coverage will assign the script a score from 1/10 to 10/10. We've learned that a single script coverage may be too “subjective” to a single script analyst, and his report may not be sufficient to determine the objective value of the material.  Instead, a median score obtained from the coverage of six different analysts will be enough to properly assess the project’s value.  With a median score of 5/10 or lower, the screenplay will receive a PASS.  With a median of 6/10, it will receive a CONSIDER. With a  median of 8/10, it will receive a RECOMMENDED.

2 - Representation. For all the stories that receive a CONSIDER, Action Studio Entertainment will host the screenplay on its webpage of “selected” material, and make it available to producers.


For all the screenplays that receive a RECOMMENDED, Action Studio Entertainment will offer to option the material. If optioned, Action Studio will create a pitch deck with visuals, a poster and other elements to help promote the screenplay with the goal of getting the film produced.


Proper materials will also be considered for development into a graphic novel, in the effort of expanding interest in the IP from financiers.


We've heard so many stories of producers looking for Action, Sci-fi and Horror stories because the majority of financing is moving toward this content.  They often go through the struggle of reading dozens of poor materials, which they have been bombarded with. Often, they end up with their office assistants who read and write the coverage. in the attempt to find a real “gem”.

Action Studio would like to reduce the "search" time and provide pre-selected screenplays based on median “high score” from multiple coverage reports. 


We've also heard so many stories of writers struggling to shop their scripts,  especially those writers living around the world and disconnected from Hollywood. 


We heard that in Hollywood you need to have special “relationships” and friends in the industry just to be able to get a producer to read your script. Action Studio philosophy is based on the principle of “equal opportunity” purely based on “technical evaluation” of the material, regardless of where the author lives or if he/she is completely unknown to the entertainment industry.

WE DON’T FOCUS ON THE WRITER REPUTATION, WE CARE ABOUT THE SCRIPT.  Our method of evaluation of material is the first in the world to provide a legitimate score for IP consideration.


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