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APPLE - feature film

Action - in the vein of
“Leon The Professional , Nikita”.

A teenage assassin becomes the target of her employer (and adoptive father) when she falls in love with a street musician.


*readers recommended


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BUDGET: small / medium

SEQUEL and FRANCHISE potential

TV SERIES potential

Meet APPLE – A deadly assassin with no real name, no real identity, no real connection to the world other than her adoptive father/employer/mentor ALFREDO MANCINI.  And she’s only 16.


After taking out her latest target (a weapon’s dealer), Apple heads home where she lives across from a charming little café.  Out front she runs into a street musician named MARIO who plays his violin for spare change. Apple is too shy to say ‘hello.’ She’s never really had a friend before, let alone a boyfriend.


Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Apple was trained from childhood to be an assassin by Alfredo, whom she calls Uncle Al because he’s the only parent she’s ever known.  In the present, Alfredo hangs onto all of the money Apple earns during her assignments, promising he’s just a bank for her to make a withdrawal whenever she needs.


At a Gentleman’s Club, we meet Russian Brothers VLAD & LOSKY PETROV who conspire with club owner TRAN about expanding their control over the local territories.  As their conversation completes, the power is knocked out by Apple who then removes her latest target: Tran.


The next morning, Apple finally talks with Mario.  The two outcasts have an instant but shy connection with each other.  She learns about Mario wanting to attend the local university but he can’t afford it because any money he gets from performing his music is sent back to his mother in Italy.  He learns that Apple was raised by her Uncle from a very young age, was given strict rules to “keep her safe” and was never given a proper name. 


Alfredo discovers Apple has been conversing with the local boy.  He fears this will put them both in danger. She can’t have any connections to the world other than Uncle Al, otherwise they both could be killed. He then gives her a new assignment: Take out the two Russian Brothers.  Apple does as instructed, but only manages to kill ONE of the TWO brothers…


Apple & Mario go for a walk that turns into a date.  After a movie, they ride the Ferris wheel down at the pier.  But each time they hang out, Apple ends the night by running off quickly when she receives texts from her employer/Uncle.  As they grow closer, Apple worries she’s putting Mario’s life in harm’s way… but she can’t fight the feelings she has.  As a killer, she can take out any target without a second thought, but she was never taught how to deal with the feelings of love…


Apple comes to Alfredo requesting all the money she’s earned over the years that he’s been “keeping safe” for her.  Alfredo becomes concerned of what she will do with it.  Secretly, Apple plans to give the money to Mario so he can attend the music university.


Alfredo discovers Apple didn’t complete her previous assignment. One of the Russian Mobster Brothers is still alive… He then realizes Apple is continuing to see Mario against his wishes, and blames this for Apple getting careless and botching her job.  Out of concern, he turns the tables and decides it’s time to put Apple in the crosshairs.


Apple wants to flee with her newfound love, Mario, with the money she’s claimed, but knows she’ll never be able to outrun the guns that are now chasing her.  She must stay and have one final confrontation with her deadly mentor and former friend…

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