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Action Sci-Fi - in the vein of
“Lost , Walking Dead”.

After a wormhole opens one year into the future revealing everyone on Earth has mysteriously died, a motley crew is sent to discover what happened so they can prevent it in the present.

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*winner of multiple screenplay contests

series bible available

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BUDGET: medium / high

FEATURE FILM potential

7 SEASONS potential


DANIEL PARKER, 35, a tenacious family man, leads an operation for the capture of the Most Wanted Cat-When Daniel awakens he has a terrifying surprise: the world has been devastated by a Mass Extinction Event. Everything with a heartbeat has died. SKELETONS are all that’s left. They’re on streets, in shops, in cars, everywhere. Including Daniel’s house.


Here, the distraught Daniel discovers that it is now actually Christmas 2021. A whole fucking year has passed since his failed FBI operation. How? Daniel has no idea. He wanders about the deserted streets in the attempt to learn more when he has a rough encounter with another survivor - Lydia Martinez!


She’s the last person he saw before waking up in this post-apocalyptic world, and now she is the first person he sees alive. The reverse holds true for Lydia.

How did everybody die? How did Daniel and Lydia survive? And how come they don’t remember anything about it? Are they truly alone?


The FBI Special Agent and the Most Wanted criminal don’t trust each other, but they are forced to stick together as a team in order to find answers to these pressing questions. But first, they must survive the HORRIFYING THREATS their new world hides, because whatever destroyed all life on the planet. .. Is still there!

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