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WARHUNT - feature film

War Fantasy Horror  - in the vein of
“Predator , The witch”.





A squad of elite American soldiers, trapped behind enemy lines during World War II, face a threat even greater than the Nazis - the witches of the Black Forest.

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*readers recommended

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BUDGET: small / medium


A plane flies over a black forest in 1945 Germany, but is abruptly taken down when it’s attacked by a swarm of black feathers. The black feathers come together creating a WOMAN dressed in all black. Later, 12 SOLDIERS listen to SERGEANT BREWER tell them about an SOS they intercepted on an emergency channel. They head to a meet up location with MAJOR JOHNSON and take in WALSH, a specialist, who has been assigned to locate and destroy Intel that was aboard the downed plane. The crew arrive to a black river and prepare rafts. MORGAN, a black medic, takes slack from FREEMAN concerning his race when Brewer interrupts stating that he chose Morgan because he’s the best. This fact shuts Freeman up for good.

They load onto the boats and Brewer questions Walsh on what items he was coming to destroy. Walsh replies stating that he never asks because if he’s caught and tortured he will never be able to tell the captors anything. Back on base Johnson listens to audio from the downed plane and notices the sound of a woman’s voice singing a song about the tree of life. Back in the field soldiers stumble upon dead NAZI SOLDIERS hanging from trees. Before the men can take in the situation they are shot at by a terrified GERMAN. One of the bullets kills CASTLE before they can capture him. They bury Castle and take the German with them.

They continue through the woods until they come across a small isolated cottage. RUCKER and FRIAR move towards the cabin and peek inside seeing 3 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, STRIA, VENEFICA, and HEXE. Rucker is seen by Stria, but runs away. The men continue searching for the plane, but end up going in a circle landing back at Castle’s grave. They look onto the grave and see that it has been disturbed with a small circle of white stones. The men make camp there and set up guard. Rucker heads to the bathroom when he sees Walsh stalking the forest and decides to follow but loses him in the brush.

 Rucker finds Stria in the woods instead and she leads him to the downed plane. He attempts to go back to his men, but she persuades him otherwise and the two have sex. Back at camp Brewer gets in contact with Johnson, but they are cut off shortly after. Johnson hears crows on the end of his line, while a voice rings out telling Brewer to get his men out of there before they die. Back in the woods Rucker finishes with Stria and tries to leave when she reveals her identity to be a haggard old woman. Rucker shoots her.

 Rucker alerts the men that he found the plane. They come across the wreckage and find the crew dead from self-inflicted gunshot wounds and drained of blood. Stria dying from a gunshot wound makes it back to her sisters as they try to save her life. Once at the site of the plane crash Walsh finds a briefcase of film and burns it. The men search for the voice over the radio, CAPTAIN RICE, and they find him undead attempting to kill them. Before Rice is put down by Brewer he kills SIMMS. Rucker comes down with a sickness and it’s revealed that he has a venereal disease from sleeping with Stria.

The men head out of the woods when they discover their initials carved into trees with hanging crows. Brewer grabs his crow and is attacked by the sound of cawing in his ear. The German escapes during this with FRIAR close behind, but before Friar can catch him he is killed and drained by the women. The German frightened reveals to the men that witches killed Friar and his men. Walsh calls Johnson and it’s revealed through conversation that he knew more about the woods and what was happening to the men before he got there. The witches put a spell on Brewer and he turns on his men shooting TAFT. Taft runs into the woods, but is caught by the witches.

Brewer stands guard on their camp when he’s attacked by a wild pig. They eat the pig, but are surprised to see it’s Taft. The witches attack killing the men as Brewer also takes aim at them. Freeman kills Brewer as he and Walsh find the witches cottage. Walsh reveals that he was sent to intercept the secret to immortality that has kept the witches alive before Hitler gets it. The men are captured by Rucker now working for the witches.


Johnson shows up to save Walsh and see the tree, but is murdered. Walsh puts up a good fight to escape, but in the end the witches win.

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