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Mauro Borrelli is an award-winning director with a background in art.

He started as a visual collaborator for FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA and continued with GORE VERBINSKY and TIM BURTON.

Mauro production designed the world first hyper realistic CG animation feature film FINAL FANTASY.


The first short film he wrote and directed, DONNA DEL MORO, won “best short film" at the Venice Film festival.

His second short film,  WHITE SHOE inspired by the life of Salvatore Ferragamo which won Museum Short Award as the Best Short Film hosted in European Museums and was running for the Academy.

His feature film debut THE RECALL starring Wesley Snipe (BLADE) and RJ Mitte (BREAKING BAD) was also filmed in the format of Barco Escape and VR, which makes him a pioneer to marry creative and visual storytelling with technology.



THE RECALL trailer

WHITE SHOE written and directed by MAURO BORRELLI
The short movie “White Shoe” suggests the "visual tone" for the project "PINOCCHIO" currently in development by the director.

Watch the trailer

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 2.01.52 AM.png

Watch the movie

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